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関西詩人協会とは Introduction to KANSAI POETS' ASSOCIATION
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The Kansai Poets’ Association, established in 1995, is a base camp for 295 poets in Kansai district.  The Kansai district has its own cultural climate apart from that of the Kanto district formed around Tokyo, the capital of Japan.  Especially the Kansai dialect of Japanese is proud of its rich nuance in sound and sense in contrast to rather a characterless representative language prevailing among the Kanto district.

Each member of the association belongs to each different group, standing upon his/her own particular stance and concept of poetry, while the KPA as the base camp for them, however, has ever had nothing to do with any fixed idea or ideology but ever been aiming at promoting and encouraging mutual understanding and friendship among the members of the association.

  The KPA has three main activities:

  One is to publish an anthology of the members’ works in Japanese and in other languages as well every three years in turn.  The Association has already issued five volumes of the members’ anthology in Japanese and one in English (2000,2006,2009,2012) and another in French (2003).

  The other is to hold the Poetry Festival every year in one city and another in turn.

This festival, open to all citizens, is contributing not only to promoting friendship among the members but also to popularization of the modern poetry among general citizens.    

  We welcome any inquiry.  Please don’t hesitate to mail to us right now.  But please mind our public language is English.



関西詩人協会自選詩集代表・有馬 敲 
岩井洋、大倉元、佐古祐二、すみくらまりこ、外村文象、中尾彰秀、原圭冶、薬師川虹一、名古きよえ、松村信人、吉田定一、永井ますみ、田村照視、榊 次郎、釣部与志、近藤摩耶、嵯峨京子、奥村和子、村田辰夫、佐相憲一

事務局長=大倉元  総務=名古きよえ 運営=佐古祐二、吉田定一 会報=永井ますみ 会計=岩井洋 詩のイベント=原 圭治、榊 次郎、田村照視、釣部与志 詩画展=外村文象、中尾彰秀、近藤摩耶 入退会=嵯峨京子、奥村和子、佐相憲一 国際交流=薬師川虹一、村田辰夫 ホームページ=松村信人、すみくらまりこ  

           会計監査=瀬野とし  評議員=津坂治男


協会へのメール  Email: mzamblife06@yahoo.co.jp

Contact to: mzamblife06@yahoo.co.jp


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